Welcome to Alamak.

We believe that traditional histology practices need to be modernized in order to deliver quality reference materials for the next generation of molecular diagnostics.

We are a Precision Histology company with a unique technology and process that provide the highest quality FFPE samples for tissue-based biomarker assays. No one else offers equal levels of consistency in FFPE processing to support your biomarker research. Whether you are looking for cytokines control, human lymphocytes, tumor cells or other FFPE materials, Alamak can support your assay needs with 100% consistency, 100% of the time. 

Why Precision? 

The challenges in tissue based biomarker assay validation are: Sensitivity, Specificity and Repeatability. We see these challenges as an unprecedented opportunity to fundamentally transform the way we look at disease.

The lack of consistency in control materials is one of the leading causes of misdiagnosis and, by extension, failure to treat disease. Even slight variations can adversely affect results. Our service delivers the biomarker research materials you need with zero inconsistency, empowering you to develop better, more effective treatments, drugs and methods for delivering the next generation of healthcare. 

Alamak BioSciences has been an extremely valuable partner for many of our projects. They are an industry leader with very strong expertise in immunohistochemical analysis. They produce high quality data with extremely fast turnaround times. The team is flexible and accommodating to the needs of the client and understand the urgency of high impact data under tight timelines. Further, they are always available to discuss the data and answer any questions one may have. Mendy and the team are so friendly and an absolute pleasure to work with. I recommend Alamak without any hesitation for both quality and value.
— Frank DeRosa, Ph.D.- Shire Pharmaceuticals