FFPE Control Blocks From Any Material:

  • We prepare perfectly consistent biomarker control materials from tumor tissues, bone marrow, fine needle aspirates (FNA), ascites, PBMC, human primary cells and cell lines. These samples are built into FFPE blocks/sections to be used as control materials for biomarker assays. 

Cytokines Controls: 

  • Cytokines expressed and kept inside the cells to be used as tissue based controls for antibody validations. 

Perfect Homogenous Cell Blocks as Tissue Based Reference Materials: 

  • One of the biggest challenges in detecting specific biomarkers using immunohistochemistry (IHC) is reproducibility. A growing number of misdiagnoses of Her2 and ER using IHC in clinical diagnostics has raised concerns in the industry. To address this issue we are developing high quality and consistent reference materials to be used in IHC and in situ hybridization platforms. 
  • We are specialized in manufacturing reference materials containing specific biomarkers with perfect consistency and homogeneity.
  • Materials containing a specific ratio of biomarkers can be used in antibody validation and quality control (QC) for routine assay performance. A large-scale production of the biomarker control material can be made to ensure that the same control will be used across different testing locations and platforms for the detection of the same biomarker.
  • Slides may be run alongside your ISH/IHC assay to serve as a control for verification of in situ probe or antibody performance. The FFPE section is made from the same material batch, therefore the staining/signal remains constant throughout the whole block. Any changes in the staining pattern or signal intensity is a sign of changes in the reagents quality and assay conditions which can be monitored with each run.