DNA/RNA Isolation from FFPE Samples

Our proprietary DNA/RNA isolation from paraffin tissue blocks provides high-yield along with the highest quality and consistency. Our isolation procedure, including a "DNA Again" step reduces cross linking to provide quality DNA fior sequencing and mutation analysis. 

Isolation of RNA can be used for gene expression profiling studies using Real Time PCR or Microarray. 

Single Cell Assay: 

  • Isolate single cells from old FFPE materials. Our process converts the FFPE block into single cell FFPE suspension for your assay. 

FFPE Extraction: 

  • We believe there is no such thing as bad FFPE blocks, only bad FFPE extraction methods. 
  • Our unique approach consistently extracts DNA and/or RNA from FFPE blocks. We not only deal with the quantity of DNA or RNA from each sample, but we also tackle cross-linking which allows for much better quality RNA for the downstream assay.