One-stop tissue based biomarker assay.

We provide a full spectrum of services from assay development,  antibody selection, antibody validation, immunohistochemistry assay optimization, whole slide image scanning and quantitative image analysis report in one work-flow. You can count on our expertise in IHC and antibody validation services to select the right assay for your biomarker platform. 

Precision Histology Services: 

  • Unstained slides 
  • Routine H&E staining 
  • Cryosectioning 
  • Brain stereology 
  • Eye processing 
  • Retina isolation 
  • 3D gel cell processing and cutting 
  • Routine grossing of tissue
  • Tissue processing 
  • Paraffin embedding 
  • Microtomy 
  • Zero degree precision FFPW cutting 
  • Inteferometer section thickness QC
  • Step sectioning